However, it has also claims the act in no rush to get the concert, their first appearance at the festival would be acceptable. ‘But there’s a good chance 2013 finally the year they make it to be. ‘ The band ‘consisting of Sir Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts – are set to yesterday a number of shows in London and New York announced next week, after the release of their new track Doom and Gloom.

And with the abundance of unconfirmed rumors around these days, we tried to keep with the good stuff. We all know that DreamWorks from Paramount split late last year and recently fitted with Disney a few weeks ago. However, since the Lincoln project was in development at Paramount, Spielberg has to work with them and to authorize them to actually do it. Slate by The Big Money that did not happen, and Paramount passed since the project. Spielberg is in real trouble these days.. The Rolling Stones to see the world famous Glastonbury Festival playing next year.19th century Lincoln also with financial troubles?We have already talked a lot about Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln project around Hollywood recently, but not everything is legitimate. Read More »

IGN IGN ‘ Video Game Movies by the Numbers infographicWe all know that video game movies still cursed in Hollywood, tied never good while we the years it will take at last, a good wait Video Game Movies by the Numbers: our friends at IGN created a new infographic the chart shows, in typical cartoon style, various statistics, including the highest grossing video game movie . Rated and best / worst video game movies of budget ranges from the opening weekend on place etc. , you can infographic below this is interesting, but only confirms that most suck this, no matter the cost.

Maybe it’s just IGN is partly due to gaming. Hopefully one day movies like Gears of War, BioShock, Assassin’s Creed or Mass Effect actually turn out amazing. We can only hope that it is. Better future for the video game films Thoughts?. I always find it funny exploration the genre as it / / have more adjustments, but to persevere not really, and it’s bad anyway Feels like I’m not sure why IGN even says. Convincing ‘So your lady friend that VG Records worth the time, especially when she wants to be your friend for the long haul ‘ because there is nothing so impressive on this chart. Read More »

Return actors , Matt Bush , Chris Zylka and Megan Tandy unite in this story, where there is something in the water. Again. And this time no one is safe from the flesh to eat fish as their razor sharp teeth into the visitors of the best summer attraction, The Big Wet Water Park In addition, we have also learned ’30 Rock’ ’30 Rock’Katrina Bowden will of the fish of the fish festival, where the film of Feast director John Gulager cinemas the hottie on 23 November 2011, just in time for Thanksgiving. Sounds good?

Initially used as advertising, posters followed the to the prevailing style of the time, ‘with time, the Paris 1924 Games, was the modernist style, with emphasis on a healthy body and benefits of individual and. Collective fitness, ‘Timmers said from London. Posters.he majority of the 150 marks posters are from the V & A collection. Although the first official poster was from 1908 London Games, it was the 1912 Stockholm image that has a great influence. Read More »

While we wait to hear whether Philip Seymour Hoffman will accept the offer to play a central role in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and see what names actually end to Finnick Odair, another part as surfaced with interesting candidates.

In Russian TV station RT comments on TV and online late Wednesday U.S. Time conducted, Assange the participants of the the participants in the UN General Assembly in New York UN headquarters, where the comments are shown in a conference room to address. Read More »

Land Coppola with Somewhere not very strong, but before considering their track record that I am very excited about any project from her. She seems to be a predilection for young leading ladies the chance to have spread her wings. Kirsten Dunst in The Virgin Suicides was exploded and Scarlett Johansson large to Lost in Translation and even Elle Fanning got plenty of applause for her train to Somewhere. Watson is only one part of an ensemble, so it’s probably some other great talents come together with it. Stay tuned.

Variety has in Sofia Coppola’s next project ‘The Bling Ring ‘ cause with Hogwarts behind her and Harry Potter franchise to an end , Emma Watson makes keeping handles her career going strong. The British actress has already been planned, planned for in Guillermo del Toro on Beauty and the Beast take star, and now she has perform lead another project. Variety has word that Watson is the Bling ring, the next film by Sofia Coppola. lead Coppola wrote the true story that follows a group of young people who to commit a series of celebrity break-ins, and they are produced with her brother, filmmaker Roman Coppola. Read More »

No director is mentioned Deadline story, and no story details are revealed, but guess ,, I think it is likely that Thompson will start some kind of business to get people to boring ass parties turned into kick-ass late night romps where people get drunk and relax. Some kind of some sort of conflict with romance and fundraising. But that ‘s just a guess.

‘He was dying to see them.. The visit was apparently the ‘Rock of Ages ‘star, the first in-person visit with Suri before Katie Holmes filed for divorce again at the end of June.Were , according to Us Weekly, dad and the child together last 16th discovered discovered at a sushi joint in Iceland, where Cruise filmed ‘Oblivion’. For a second, sushi joint in Iceland’has to freeze us for a second, as we thought the possibilities.) Daddy and daughter were often talk about video chat, according to various media. Read More »

Follow Christie D’Zurilla on Twitter and Google+. Follow the Ministry of us you had no idea what was going on, Chmerkovskiy told Access he enjoyed d her rollercoaster ride of the season. She had no idea if we wanted to. By[ to] go next week, starting with Week 2, and that made for incredible, exciting, thrilling 15 weeks.

In case you missed it or just another portion , enjoy the sandwich Chmerkovskiy in action,Oh, if the judge had promised the previous samba and foxtrot as their best performance so far, Gilbert landed in the bottom two eliminated, together with Disney star Roshon Fegan, who published the night before his best grades ever do had pasodoble foxtrot and a trio. Read More »

La Stampa Weisz, etc. Likely Cut of Malick’s ‘ To Wonder’It seems strange to tell, which is not only non – casting, but no-show news, then again, I think, it is hard to say, they were cast that since Terrence Malick like a tight lid keeps all its projects to start. Finally, at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival debuts of his other new film titled The Wonder, shot early last year in Oklahoma. With Rachel McAdams and Ben Affleck We’ve heard bits over the years. Else in him, but now that processed edited and ready to make some major players have apparently entirely cut.

Comprised the film Michael Sheen, Amanda Peet, Barry Pepper and tree of Life star Jessica Chastain, but all were removed from them. It’s exciting to go to see a Malick movie is not what we get, what we get, but the Playlist reminds us the miracle was considered to be ‘still experimental than tree of Life. ‘Say it is not, I think we will find out in a few weeks in Toronto seems. It founders,he] was cut a part ‘Rachel Weisz, who confirmed only for a few days on set, with the Italian La Stampa outlet that she adds, ‘I had the experience of working with him[ Malick] but I will not not the pleasure of my job ‘.. Our friends at the movie theater got wind of the quote, which was excellent in an Italian interview to La Stampa, with the Academy Award actress. It is there where she said, translated, that they do not not in it more. Read More »

Here’s the first teaser trailer for the BBC and HBO Girl, directed by Julian Jarrold, from YouTube:The girl, produced by BBC Television in association with HBO, is a look at the relationship between filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock and actress Tippi Hedren . The cast includes Imelda Staunton as Alma Hitchcock, Penelope Wilton, Candice D’Arcy, Thoughtsn Michael and Kate Tilley. The girl by by British filmmaker Julian Jarrold . Scripted by Gwyneth Hughes The BBC is behind the film, but HBO will premiere the girls here in the U.S. On evening of 20 October, so be sure to set your DVR accordingly. Thoughts?

Watch: First Teaser for ‘ The Girl’ actor Toby Jones as Hitchcock’Let’s finish this. ‘Have HBO Films and BBC Films the first short teaser trailer debuted for upcoming drama Julian Jarrold ‘s the girl with Toby Jones as legendary director Alfred Hitchcock, director Sienna Miller as an actress Tippi Hedren in The Birds and Marnie. The movie focuses on the relationship between Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren, and this teaser gives us a look at some of the events behind the scenes, birds and iconic Hitchcock. It looks very good, and we get little more than 30 seconds of footage. Even though we do not see more of this, I’m already planning to watch it. Read More »

Friday 15th June: Casablanca Saturday, June: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs The venue can accommodate about 500 people in 1341 Vine Street in Hollywood, California. The AMPAS is hosting a private invite-only screening of Field of Dreams , on 19 , things kick off but after that the screenings are open to the public above all summer. See you there!

Wahlberg describes the film as a neo noir / thriller / mystery in the same direction such as Chinatown and LA Confidential. Details about the story below!. Perhaps you rememberr Allen Hughes and Mark Wahlberg Move to ‘ Broken City ‘Although many fans were disappointed to learn that Mark Wahlberg would be in the role of Nathan Drake for David O. Russell ‘s adaptation of Uncharted step: Drake’s Fortune, maybe another project with actor will interest you. In an interview with MTV showed Wahlberg, he set his sights on Broken City, a project that would link the actor with director Allen Hughes, one half of the Hughes Brothers directing behind behind films like The Book of Eli and Menace II Society. Read More »

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