Although Prometheus now playing in theaters, the Weyland has viral on continued. A few weeks ago we reported on the Web site and Peter Weyland video connected at the end of of the credits, which now continues like this all over again. We can help you the Comic-Con to see! We update on the way, if need be. Who be there?

The new video can be seen directly below, but in the meantime you can check out / the new viral website / sdcc. Read More »

Darnell: I think you know when the limit is reached. And I guess my real answer is, I hope it it. I will say this about the numbers: many of them are fake, elevated or inflated, what drives us to distraction, because they the next person to throw you who thinks that the true number S rear impacts. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and I think it is of camps don t get the jobs and camps that are not asked.

THR: What tweaks you make Britney Spears’ performance on X Factor?Darnell: No, in the order of in the order of Idol , will you have imitators. So the flood was inevitable. And Simon leaving Idol, friendly.e was no way, I left him go to another network. We are excited to have it. The truth is, Idol is not as large as it was, but there are still huge numbers, and we never had anything. In the autumn Now we’re doing really good numbers in the fall also. So for us, we. – STORY: ‘The X Factor ‘ Simon Cowell says he was ‘Pissed Off ‘at’ The Voice ‘.. Read More »

Of course, since Anderson is the kind of movies that ask the audience to bring something to the table, it is often wonderfully vague information. The interview, published in the Italian newspaper la Repubblica, reminds me of the wonderful conversations between Bob Dylan and author Bill Flanagan, where Dylan just enough information to think on their own would reveal. – The master Trailer tantalyzing offers insight into the way Anderson approaches one the film key concern – the conflict between human instincts and transcendent, spiritual ambitions. It has passion, firearms, red lips, lingerie, vintage motorcycles, talk of science and cults – basically everything you movie movie – in the space of 72 seconds.

David Fincher the sci-fi movie Rendezvous with Rama Starring Morgan FreemanYep, you read the title right, I had not heard this film either it sounds interesting it sounds interesting. After Danny Boyle’s Sunshine am am painfully longing for more and more great science fiction films that sounds as incredible as sunshine, and the next great the next great. Where the news have to come from? MTV has an update today of Morgan Freeman, the Rendezvous with Rama is still trying to say from the bottom. A Space Odyssey: The film is from a novel by Arthur C. In 2001. In 2001. Read More »

What does a property like Peter Pan is so great that the story in the public is so to be acquired do not have specific novel or comic book for a new take on the story. For now , the project is easily matched the rounds to studios in search of a buyer, however, remain as the project developed. Interested?. It seems like alternate takes classic literary figures are all the rage, and I am grateful that they have replaced the hot nostalgic toy as intellectual property in the film industry now. Producer Joe Roth is behind the project.

Lionsgate brings Cort s’ Buried limited theaters tomorrow, with a wider expansion on 8 October?Watch my full interview in Toronto with Buried director Rodrigo Cort s detected:? Read More »

In 2004, Long Time Rep by Talent Managers Association honoredLeonard Hirshan, longtime agent for Clint Eastwood received the Talent Managers Association, the award for lifetime achievement in management on Tuesday at the organization of the 11th Annual Heller Awards. Jake Azhar of Hollywood management company was named Manager of the Year. data eye apk

Raddatz Genachowski and were divorced in 1997, Obama nominated Genachowski to head the FCC in 2009. – ABC News slams accusations of liberal bias by their foreign correspondents, calling it ‘absurd.’ VIDEO: Obama vs. Romney: What the experts are say about the first debate. Read More »

Finally Coming Soon was at a press junket for The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Teresa Palmer that will not be on show in George Miller Mad Max: Fury Road. We mentioned this in our own very large update from Tom Hardy, but only if you flew by, we wanted make sure that you knew that she would not appear and will not be disappointed if you do not see in her lovely face trailer. Palmer said: ‘I am not[ in it], actually this is just a rumor that has been on the Internet. ‘. The first time we heard her join the cast in January, but now that she is not, we is is / actual their role in this reboot.

We know that Alice Eve has coming on board to play Emma Frost, Caleb Landry Jones and apparently is the top contender for Sean Cassidy, to play the mutant Banshee Banshee. Interpol agent Interpol agent and NYPD officer, has this Irish mutant, a sonic scream, can harm enemies? auditory systems and causing physical vibrations. Are not familiar with are not familiar with Jones, he’s one of the kids on a bike at the end of No Country for Old Men, and he has also starred on Friday Night Lights and The Last Exorcism. Of course there is a chance this casting could go wrong, but we just have to wait and see what happens.. Well, that’s all for this edition of Casting Tidbits. Be careful for more casting updates on the way stay tuned.Next, Latino Review has word on the top contenders for the other young mutants in Matthew Vaughn’s X – Men: First Class. Read More »

Tim Roth Nicole Kidman Prince in ‘ Grace of Monaco ‘ dramaLangella is playing in discussions with Father Tucker, a priest, the pair with tips on how they ran to survive their marriage by a time in which Kelly essentially helping the show behind the scenes. Roth character is stubborn and strong-willed, and at first refuses to help Kelly but comes to realize they can get the answers they need to have conflict conflict to an end. Spanglish star Paz Vega as an opera as an opera singer Maria Callas , who was one of the best friends Kelly during this period. Sounds like it is getting ready for some serious awards and come contention with solid performers aboard a period piece with a Hollywood icon, it’s almost a sure thing that the Academy will go crazy for this.

Hollywood starlet Grace Kelly in the business at age 20, headlined a half-dozen big films, earned an Oscar and then retired to from the action at the age of 26, a princess of Monaco. That’s pretty impressive, written about written about before , the new film Grace of Monaco see Nicole Kidman plays Kelly and gets the story, after all, when they helped lead the city-state in a difficult conflict with the French. Variety reports that Pulp Fiction star Tim Roth ‘s prestigious cast as her husband, the Prince of Monaco joined. And there is a role for Frank Langella as well. More below! Read More »

Robert over at IESB claims that the Constructicons – come the Decepticon team in battle for supremacy or any sparks or whatever it is, this time – especially Scrapper, Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Mixmaster, Hook and Long Haul. You heard that right, Devastator is coming to the big screen! This robot is frickin ‘ huge. A fan art photo by Rise Studio was created to below include sparks your imagination. This massive bot is a fan favorite among many for his combined destructive power and enormous size. If this is true, it will probably make for some crazy fights – that’s for sure!.

First of all, before someone gets bent, let us remember that TCRI derived the name of the place where the mutation causing mud is actually a secret was the basis for alien Utroms, the same race as Krang, the pink, brainy-looking villain from the comics and TV show are. So this is not totally against comic canon or out of the ordinary, but a different mix does change things quite a bit. These turtles are of an alien race, and she hard, hard, and very adorable? Kids believe one day that these turtles do not exist, if we? Finished this movie.. Read More »

SOCOM 4. U.S. Navy SEALs News Previews ReviewVideos Screenshots cheats and walkthroughs screenshots supposedly from a marketing transpired near poll that 2K Games is a complete reorganization of muses broods, with the game from a ‘traditional ‘first-person shooter into a third-person squad shooter – XCOM :.

They would be prepared XCOM News Previews ReviewVideos Screenshots cheats and walkthroughsXCOM News Previews ReviewVideos Screenshots cheats and walkthroughsthe survey monitors to Kotaku, show a potential XCO his 1960s alien invasion plot in place, but with the mechanics the order the order of small squad of armed men, ala SOCOM. Read More »

They also say that it will be heard in 3D, which is not surprising. But besides these additional updates, there is nothing new that deadline on this has sequel in the works. Either way, I can not wait! And I have a feeling that is go in outer space in 3D look amazing, especially when Abrams takes ‘ every notes of Martin Scorsese’s Hugo.. Editor’s Note: Yes, this is an old photo of JJ work with Giacchino, original from the scoring sessions.Update: In addition to these reporting Giacchino news, Deadline, that Star Trek 2 now officially for release on 17th May 2013, an early summer release slot is set away a couple of years.

Responses You! Black Emperor in rare new interviewAt least nobody can the band does not sound like her album liner notes to blame in the conversation. But in the interview, the band also pulls the curtain back to discuss as a it works as a large population, and it really shows a droll sense of humor have confident. Read More »

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