Toth lists Ojai homes for sale at $ 10 Million The approximately seven acre estate, known as Libbey Ranch, a four-bedroom main house, which was originally designed by Neff as a barn. There are also horse stables, three guest houses, a coach house and a swimming pool.

Witherspoon bought the property in spring 2008 by prominent interior designer Kathryn Ireland who had undertaken a renovation of the compound originally built for Edward Libbey Glassware magnates The property also has The property also has the actor / director Harold Ramis owned. Read More »

Twitter temporarily suspended Adams ‘ account for the exchange of private information, but as it again. – NBC has to delay a lot of criticism for its decision, the supply of the major Olympic events, this competitions will receive broadcast in prime time, but think of a bad Today promo on Monday drove fans especially nuts. – The result of the U.S. Swim team member Missy Franklin running back race Monday night Monday night delayed, but before the network could marked selected race, they showed a promo for Tuesday morning Today show with photographs of Franklin holding her gold medal in the 100 – meter backstroke. All the tension was gone.

Delayed but from his own coverLate Night: Jon Stewart suggests NBC for cutting tribute to victims of terrorismcomplaints about NBC took a turn for the nasty over the weekend, when Guy Adams, the Los Angeles bureau chief Independent, a British Newspapers tweeted, the e – mail address Gary Zenkel, head of the network Olympics coverage. Read More »

Furthermore,ully Until now , most of you have forgotten about the abysmal movie The Tourist , despite the charisma Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp Orlando Bloom and Djimon Hounsou is the adaptation of the ‘Zulu’ lead. However, should the audience look and remember Anthony Zimmer, which inspired French film from director Jerome Salle, the bland American remake. Now Salle has found his next project and it comes in the form of another adaptation, this time by Caryl F? Rey Zulu novel. Furthermore, Screen Daily also reported that Orlando Bloom and Djimon Housou the the adaptation.

More below!. The next round of the comedy starring Steve Carell him the title role of the title role of Burt Wonderstone and facing Bruce Almighty co-star Jim Carrey. Now Deadline has word on follow another action comedy for his turns in films such as Date Night and Get Smart. Year 1982. Not only not only stars in but produce produce Conviction, a film by Jonathan Herman, the blacklist, by Warner Bros. By Warner Bros. Took two years ago. The original script was a heist project along the lines of a drama such as heat, but now the film will turn into something like the action comedy from the from the year 1982. Read More »

Same Streep and bridges were linked to the project, director Mike Nichols was said in discussions to be directing the film, but apparently this is not. Mandate Pictures is still looking to fill the role of Streep ‘s husband, and someone has to play the marriage counselor. Philip Seymour Hoffman had expressed interest last year, but scheduling conflicts kept him out of the race. However, it is more than six months since the story broke, he may perhaps be available. It is definitely the potential for a decent relationship comedy here, so stay tuned.

David Frankel & Meryl Streep Head to ‘ Great Hope Springs ‘After a very entertaining romantic comedy in the form of The Devil Wears Prada director David Frankel and stars Meryl Streep are set again together. Deadline the duo reported jointly on Great Hope Springs, a comedy by TV writer Vanessa Taylor, on a few, concentrated their future holds in the hands of a marriage counselor for a weekend when their relationship hits some serious bumps after 30 years together. We first heard of Streep involvement with the project in June last year, and though Jeff Bridges has been rumored to to play her husband in the film, the actor is is not really attached to star.. Kane created the series as a parody of his own creation, Batman, and with this Wikipedia To summarize all known elements of the Caped Crusader,marriage counselor. Read More »

The Super PAC in October to post report on 20 November.Priorities USA has its biggest month yet, collecting $ 15,000 in September to support the president ‘s re-election, according to the PAC ‘s filings. David L. Boies, Jr., a lawyer who fought California California Proposition 8 also gave $ 1 million.

Boies, and Jeffrey Katzenberg give $ 1 million each Obama Super PAC BoostBill Maher Mocks Mitt Romney With Hitchcock clip on ‘Real Time’ Any Spielberg, Katzenberg, Geffen Donate $ 30 Million MPTF campaigndirector Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg doubled to their commitment to President Barack Obama ‘s re-election last month to contribute $ 1,000 each to Super PAC priorities USA. Read More »

Trailer for Clint Eastwood’s Invictus Debuts Online!Also the official Invictus trailer in High Definition on Apple may[ Javascript required Flash movie Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh this page]Invictus by prominent filmmakers and actors Clint Eastwood, who has big films as Unforgiven, Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, Letters from Iwo Jima, Changeling and Gran Torino directed. Anthony Peckham Anthony Peckham written and is based on John Carlin book Playing the Enemy is based.

You have seen them, right? Last night, Spike TV aired the Scream Awards, which included some supporters debuts at the show. To meet to make another official trailer for the horror thriller The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe and Janet McTeer, Roger Allam and Sophie Stuckey. The trailer, which is up to Spike, only 60 seconds, but with a few new chills and scary moments, and thankfully more Ciar? N Hinds also. If you really want to be creeped out, check out the motion poster of EW with some demon in the background. This looks even more frightening, but still pretty good, check it out below. Read More »

I still think Inside Man is his best film in recent memory, but I ‘m curious to see with with it, because it’s a bit more action is heavier than I would normally expect for Lee. We will keep you up to date on the latest with this project – stay tuned! So what is the movie at all – ? Nagasaki Deadline is an action thriller that focuses on a plan to thwart troubled FBI agent and his desperate race to unfold two attacks on American soil.

The clips we saw included some actions scenes, but there is not much we know about this, released a trailer and next to this material, we have no idea what to expect. I’m actually quite curious to hear the Chemical Brothers to score in the way it should be awesome to listen to their kind of music on a sleek, contemporary hitman action movie.. Lifted as recapitulation, Hanna stars Saoirse Ronan as a 14 – year-old Eastern European girl by her father to be a cold-blooded killing machine. Cate Blanchett also star in the movie to find as an icy intelligence operative on a mission, a former CIA agent, but they get Hanna first. Read More »

But this writing features, which are hired him for this franchise reboot. Besides being very familiar with Spider-Man, should the writer some interesting criminal elements bring to the table after writing movies like Zodiac. Now we just have to to wait to see how The Amazing Spider-Man as the project moves through the production looks like. Sounds good?. Interestingly enough, Vanderbilt was also working on Spider-Man 4 when Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire were still attached to another sequel in the last decade of the Spider – Man franchise. His character have approach to the script as an emphasis on big battles and special effects it has on board for three films Write for the franchise, but we all not worked out like that.

James Vanderbilt Already Hired to ‘Amazing Spider-Man ‘ Pen SequelNot that it’s unexpected, but even though the shooting did not even reported in a new way from the iconic wall crawler with The Amazing Spider-Man, Marc Webb’s Heat Vision completed the film writer James Vanderbilt has been been hired to pen the sequel. Apparently the writer has even set up his design for the continued and producer and studio manager at Sony have given their consent. Obviously, while to get while to get something about the continuation of the examination of the first movie in this new franchise is not in theaters heard until July 3, 2012, but a continuation a sequel should be so far away.. Read More »

Later.ry star T. Sheppard in intensive care70 s and 80 s country star TG Sheppard in a Nashville – area hospital ‘s intensive care unit with a severe infection of the kidneys in his blood in his blood Screen toolset .Sheppard, originally in the hospital over the weekend with a bladder infection a high heart rate a high heart rate. According to his wife, Kelly Lang, the infection spread there.

Lang originally written:He was admitted to to the ICU with a bladder infection, very high extremely high heart rate. He is very weak and they his heart rate his heart rate, but it ‘s a challenge. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. Read More »

Teaser Art for Louis Leterrier , the ‘Now You See Me ‘Heist film seemsAnd now you do not! Our friends at Collider have found early teaser art to AFM for Summit in the works thriller Now You See Me, by Louis Leterrier , in fact, in fact , the transporter and Clash of the Titans, directed as the poster says, but The Incredible Hulk. I love everything with mages and that is that. Genial project about a group of illusionists who pull through bank robberies during the performance and the audience with the money rain It sounds very brilliant and has a fantastic cast led by Jesse Eisenberg, Melanie Laurent, Mark Ruffalo and Morgan Freeman. View the teaser art below!

I think it sounds great and it is a to come of my favorite projects. Summit is Now You See on 18 In January Me in 2013 for a publication, for quite a while from now.. As you can see, the cast of Now You See Me also Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco and Michael Caine. A screenplay by Boaz Yakin and Edward Ricourt. Collider has a complete table of contents, giving Eisenberg as lead illusionist named Atlas, Ruffalo plays an FBI agent, and Laurent plays an Interpol detective after this magician thieves. Freeman plays a famous magic debunker which involved if he find find anything out of control. Read More »

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