One of his next brothers set to drug trafficking mule Todd Phillips Todd PhillipsJay and Mark Duplass great great people in the past on films including Cyrus and Jeff Who Lives at Home, but this font is performance probably the most high-profile Hollywood job yet. Todd Phillips’ Green Hat Films recently signed a production deal with Warner Bros. Extended , it has a number of projects on his plate, but teaming with these guys should get an interesting mix of funny feelings for Mule. As an actor, Mark Duplass is not soon in the upcoming drama your sister sister and the great time travel flick security guarantees , which we the Sundance the Sundance be this year this year.

One of his next projects is Mule, an adaptation of Tony D’Souza’s novel of the same name, a young couple in the world of commerce marijuana in the country trapped follows. Deadline reports that Phillips has his writers in the form of the Duplass Brothers, indie regulars who have found themselves slowly strengthened in the mainstream lately.. In February, we heard approximately four potential future projects for The Hangover director Todd Phillips. As the director has announced that the third entry in The Hangover franchise will be the last time, he has to follow his gaze on the years. Read More »

Flight director Robert Zemeckis draw draw aboard last year with his plans to reteam Castaway star, but the project has not moved for a while. But space jump just a day after breaking adventurer Felix Baumgartner mesmerized the world with his wild, sound barrier, says ahead news from The Wrap Major Matt Mason and seeks funds from independent financiers. It looks like the room is always profitable.

Either way, it’s great, because it seems like Mendes, rounding up a cast a cast.. You may know him as Voldemort, you may know him as Hades, you may know him as Amon Goeth, and you may soon know him as Coriolanus. But it looks like the British actor Ralph Fiennes is join the Bond universe also. Baz Bamigboye of The Daily Mail reports that Fiennes is in talks for a role in James Bond 23 worked for him. Sam Mendes directed Bond film that MGM gave the green light for a late 2012 release. Word is that he is still under discussion, and that it was not the same villain role, Javier Bardem is currently considering. Read More »

However,Studios to develop Runaways with Brian K. VaughanWe all saw Marvel official line-up until 2011 when it was revealed earlier this month, and Runaways was definitely on her. However, this does not mean Marvel could not squeeze it somewhere in the spring or winter without triggering the other large projects. Although I am not familiar with this comic series ever am, it was critically praised for its honest depiction of young people and their problems and won a Harvey Award in 2006 for best series.

London Remixed Festival announces lineuip and DatesGLOBAL LOCAL, the producers of the rocking festival stages around the globe have come together to deal with their long-time musical partners Movimientos, Two For Joy, Wormfood, Blue Lotus, Punch Records and Kazum announce the first name on the bill of LONDON REMIXED FESTIVAL 2012! Read More »

The Book of Eli Hughes Brothers Helming Live-Action AkiraIch Erwarte, dass. Ich Warner Brothers Denken machte eines der Besten Entscheidungen, sterben SIE jemals Durch Die einstellung der Hughes Broth two parts, with Warner Bros. To helm the live-action adaptation of the 1988 Akira anime are. We heard that was back on the road a few years, as Ruairi Robinson was originally attached to direct. I’ve even heard that Zack Snyder once offered the job but declined. Now it to bring bringing to the Albert and Allen Hughes, the legendary anime into live action area.

)ok: Sylvester Stallone Wielding an ax in ‘ bullet in the head ‘look at look at Sylvester Stallone in Bullet to the Head courtesy of Coming Soon:At the beginning this year, the new action film shot in the head, formerly known as Headshot, had some problems locking a director after. Warriors and 48 hours Director Walter Hill replaced Wayne Kramer on the movie after creative differences. But now we have a first look at the movie with Sylvester Stallone as assassin who destroyed themselves with a NYC detective in a high-stakes examination from New Orleans from New Orleans all the way to the power corridors of Washington, DC, the If memory serves correctly, this is the first time that we see exert Stallone had an ax, villain bad guy Jason Momoa him. See it below! Read More »

‘I can not say anything. You can? T explain why tastes fish and why you should enjoy it. ‘Did he really just compare movies to 48fps in order to fish eat?. Considering how at first I 48FPS/60FPS 48FPS/60FPS movies last year after James Cameron’s demo to to have this technology as they promise, I would like to take advantage of the HFR are the future, improved. Improved. Maybe we will not really make any sense for spectacular HFR until Cameron shoots Avatar 2 60fps, as well as the manner in which he demonstrated how 3D could really an immersive experience with Avatar, a few years after the 3D had craze begun moment HFR enthusiasm has only just begun, of Middle-earth world’s first 10 minutes look Perhaps the film will improve over the 8 months they have left until release. Was one of the responses to all complaints that the material.

There can only be a real reaction, a genuine reaction when people actually an chance to be seen a full narrative about a specific movie. But it will only be in December, when they begin screening the finished film in the meantime, a scene that speaks some positive reactions he did:. I hate to say she, but the reasons why this scene works well because it was dark, it has been completed, and it was good shot. The characters like Gollum and Bilbo great, but if he to get to get the audience in the dialogue, the characters and the story, and you forget the 48fps them closer to 30 minutes should have shown how Pixar’s Brave, instead of only 10 minutes. With Avatar t it for almost a year filming already, you should have enough to work with? ? Said a few of the negative commentators CinemaCon that in Gollum and Bilbo scene[ held later in the presentation] they didn t mind about that, have become accustomed to, says Jackson, It was the same 48 frames. Read More »

Right now the film in active development in active development with no set start date of production, but the studio has the project off the ground follow as soon as this summer. ‘s first film, led the heroes that he discovered the son of the Greek god Poseidon driven with all water perks that his bloodline his bloodline. Have a friend who has been captured it free head Honestly, I thought the first flick was pretty miserable, so I can not say, a sequel gets me excited at all. How about you?

In itchy clothes and performing dance routines before judges – Also debut ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo ‘ arouses strong viewer reaction pixelization makes TV ‘ nudity ‘ a fuzzy topic ‘ Stars earn stripes ‘ receives criticism from veterans, ‘The Price Is Right ‘search begins for the first male role model Kelsey Grammer slams his republican views cost him an Emmy nod honey Boo Boo child: the persecution of its snack essentials for the Record: Here Comes honey Boo Boo ‘: A Commentary on the 19th section on the section on the TLC reality show ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’that June Shannon, the mother of the show 6 – year-old star, Alana Thompson, lives with her husband, ‘Sugar Bear. Read More »

F*** ing Engaged Yep, you read this title correctly, and makes this project even more enticing raunchy , THR is reporting that Jessica Biel about not only the production, but the main role in this sexual comedy is a couple who make a pact to have sex every day for her wedding for her wedding, so they do not turn into their crusty old parents. No mention of who should still directing by rookie screenwriter Julia Brownell, but who is at the top know that it would be best for Jessica Biel to totally naked just for realism download apps .

Prometheus is by legendary Oscar nominated filmmaker Ridley Scott, who started it all with Alien and Blade Runner, and directed by Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Kingdom of Heaven, American Gangster, Body of Lies and Robin Hood most director recently. Read More »

Follow the Ministry of Gossip on Twitter@ LATcelebs and on Facebook / ministryofgossip.The two wore became engaged earlier this year, according to Us Weekly, which said the bride a custom Chantilly lace mermaid gown by Carolina Herrera.The bride and groom met in 2005 when she video video Green Day together and dated for a year. Wood was later engaged to rocker Marilyn Manson, whom she dated on and off for four years goth. This relationship is snapped for good in August 2010, Bell and reconnecting with wood in summer 2011.. To the heart.Wood gets married Jamie Bellto help Kate Winslet, Evan Rachel Wood get for ‘ Mildred Pierce ‘ nakedFollow Christie D’Zurilla on Twitter and Google+.

‘They say the wedding ring goes on the left ring finger because it finger with a finger with a vein that connects to the heart. ”Words can not describe the happiness I feel, ‘Wood tweeted Wednesday. ‘Overwhelming. ‘The ‘Thirteen’and ‘True Blood’actress, 25, and ‘Billy Elliot ‘star, 26, the knot in a small ceremony Tuesday upheld a wooden rep to People. Read More »

:: First Funky Trailer for ‘The Paperboy’ Starring Efron & Kidman’I know what you got what you want. ‘Millennium Films has debuted the first trailer via Yahoo for the new film Lee Daniels ‘ The Paperboy, which pretty much get buzz premiere at Cannes this summer. Daniels ‘ follow-up of Precious is actually a deep south crime story, with Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey, John Cusack and David Oyelowo as an alleged criminal. This is the very same film starring Nicole Kidman pees on Efron and masturbates in prison, plus Cusack is a crazy nut, but you get to see just a little of it. Have fun with the rest of it!

The Paperboy first premiere at Cannes and playing limited theaters as of 5 October.. Lee Daniels directs the Paperboy Peter Dexter novel of the same name, Ward James , a Miami Times reporter returns to his hometown, to the murder of a sheriff who eventually helped will examine the following, adapted from his younger brother Jack as they wrongful conviction wrongful conviction of a man on death row. Throughout the process Jack falls for the woman , the the condemned and through prison correspondence was romancing. Read More »

To work, the potential for the two together as a makeshift detectives is quite fascinating. Sounds almost like The Prestige meets Sherlock Holmes. At least it’s an original idea, and considering the rest of Straczynski projects are only adaptations of established intellectual property and stories that sounds the most promising. However, I have said this before and I ‘ll say it again: I want to know what the hell is wrong with the film adaptation of the graphic novel by J. Michael Straczysnki Rising Stars. In the comic – obsessed film industry, I can not believe that this amazing series has not come to the big screen yet. What do you think?

GALLERY: Cannes Film Festival: Veterans ready to return to the CroisetteBertolucci’s CV begins the film as an assistant director for Pier Paolo Pasolini in Accattone before directing his first feature film at the age of 21.The Oscar-winning Italian filmmaker gets the praise of the European Film Academy in December.LONDON Oscar-winning filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci is the award Lifetime Achievement award from the European Film Academy in the organization of the upcoming awards ceremony.. Read More »

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